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At Punarva,

we select an appropriate Naturopathy treatment course for you based on your body constitution at a given point in time.

Our desire is to identify your problems as early as possible and allow for the best natural healing intervention method. The ultimate goal of our doctor is:

We Offer

  • Traditional Pulse Diagnosis / Naadi pareeksha
  • Genetic Constitutional Typing
  • Ancient and Modern Herbal Remedies
  • Customised Personal Nutritional Counselling
  • Doctor-made Natural Health Foods
  • Supplementary Nutrition for Children and Geriatrics
  • Therapeutic Disease-based Yoga
  • Non – invasive Painless Naturopathy Treatment
  • Exclusive Postpartum Mother care and Rehabilitation
  • Cosmetic Intervention

Our Health Goals

  • Early intervention: The seeds of disease are sown early (at birth). At Punarva Naturopathy center, we understand one’s genetic blueprint and take preventive steps to ensure the long term and sustainable outcomes.
  • Customized constitutional typing: Punarva’s constitutional typing makes prevention more specific to an individual and his or her disease.
  • Identification of root cause: Understanding the constitution helps to identify the genetic disadvantages an individual has, thus enabling focused Naturopathy treatment in Punarva more specific.
    Consider this! For instance, ten people suffer from Diabetes, but the cause however may be totally different in each case. The constitutional typing done at Punarva helps to pinpoint accurate treatment suitable for your constitution so that the disease is eliminated completely.
  • Treatment of body imbalance: Punarva’s Naturopathic medicine is not concerned with symptoms of disease but rather with eliminating the imbalance in the body elements and doshas. In other words, health achieved by balancing the constitution and treating the root cause which is permanent and eliminates related symptoms.
  • Personalized care: With Punarva’s constitutional system, you are diagnosed and treated as an individual. You are treated to your personal needs rather than as a percentage. The knowledge you acquire helps to take control of your health. This is the best insurance we give against illness.
  • Non-invasive and cost-effective care: The diagnostic methods in Punarva are inexpensive and non- invasive and reveal the interpersonal relationship of the body and the mind.
  • Holistic sans side effects: Naturopathic medicine is a holistic medical system that does not produce any side effects as the treatments are wholly related with natural components.
  • Detailed consultation:A person receiving consultation in Punarva Naturopathy center is given the understanding of their constitutional type and how their body responds towards a certain disease.
  • Comprehensive care and disease elimination: The true goal and vision of Punarva’s Naturopathy center for Constitutional Medicine is to break from disease orientation of various medical models and to address each individual’s search for personal growth, wellbeing, and transpersonal assessment.

About Doctor

Dr. Amsa Pashupathi, BNYS, FMC, PGDCN

Dr. Amsa Pashupathi is a Senior physician with a sound clinical experience of 16yrs. She is a Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist and Herbologist with a Fellowship in Medical cosmetology. She specialises in Constitutional medicine, Genetic constitutional typing and Nadi pareeksha, the knowledge of which she ingeniously uses to integrate her skill sets in Natural therapeutics to suit individual needs at different phases of Disease or Disorder.

She was conferred a Bachelor’s degree in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences by Rajiv Gandhi university of health sciences in the year 2004. Her journey as Naturopathy physician began more than a decade ago with many challenges in the society, as least did the people then knew about Nature cure and its efficacy in curing disease.

Throughout her 16 yrs of ethical journey as a physician, she has treated a wide variety of illness through Naturopathic Medicine. The immense knowledge she acquires from her ancestors on traditional Herbal Medicine greatly helped her with many challenging afflictions of Skin and Hair. She further amplified her Herbal knowledge with an upgradation in Herbology and Aromatherapy. Her inquisitiveness and love for herbal medicine made her to formulate assorted Herbal Food supplements and Natural cosmetics under her own banner.

Nature is boundless and so is the knowledge about Natural well being. Dr. Amsa mastered her course in Clinical Nutrition for an in-depth understanding of disease factors and right remedies that can be picked up from one’s kitchen and garden. Her customised diet patterns are infused with the essence of herbs and well balanced nutrition, which are formulated as medicine for those presenting with discrete health conditions.

She further went on to acquire her Fellowship in Medical Cosmetology in the year 2019. A varied science from the mainstream of Naturopathy but yet, she combines her Natural Cosmetic proficiency with Modern Cosmetology procedures to evolve new methods in attaining cosmetic perfection especially in post partal women. The concept of “Thai Veedu” meaning Mom’s Home was evolved by her with a mission to accomplish fulfilling motherhood at the physical, emotional and cosmetical aspects of health.

“No Knowledge is perfect unless it includes an understanding of the Origin – that is beginning”

And understanding is a means of determining what one is born with and what is currently altered and what can be the prognosis or prediction for future health. Dr. Amsa understands every constitution through her in-depth knowledge in Nadipareeksha. “Ancient wisdom combined with modern science” is the core concept based on which she evolves her Healing techniques.

Her pure passion and inclination towards Nature’s endless gift of healing inspired her to establish a Naturopathy center - The Centre for Constitutional Medicine in the year 2020 and she thus named it 'Punarva' meaning ‘reborn’.