Herbs have been most commonly used for their medicinal properties since ages. More recently the healthful value of herbs in the form of food has been realised. Herbs possess numerous health benefits which are bestowed by the phenolic compounds present in them. Every other plant that lives in this world possess its own magical healing properties and mankind has deciphered a whole lot of them to find out which helps him and in what way.

Here are a list of sacred ‘herbs that boost immunity’, from my healthy herbs collection, which have been used extensively by myself in treating various maladies and have helped my patients to overcome and prevent afflictions.

1. Ashwagandha:

Is an ancient medicinal herb which is an adaptogen, which means it can help deal with the imbalances in the body. Extensive researches have proven that this wonder herb has multiple healing properties and thus has been used for thousands of years to increase the energy levels and immunity, ever since herbal medicine started existing in this world. It can be consumed in the form of powder or leham along with hot cow milk and palm sugar which can accelerate its benefits. It can be safely administered to children by varying the dosage.

2. Guduchi:

Giloy as it is commonly called in northern India and Amruthavalli in the southern states. It is a powerful immune booster which accelerates the protection of the white blood cells and augments immune boosting mechanism. It exhibits anti pyretic properties. A tea or kadha made of Guduchi can help increase the platelet count in dengue fever. A powerful detoxifier which easily treats skin disorders. A paste applied externally can accelerate wound healing.

3. Turmeric:

A common well known immune booster used in everyday life. An external application of the paste is effective against many infective skin diseases like scabies. 2-4 gms of curcumin , the immune boosting extract from turmeric can help fight against any infections.

4. Long pepper:

Pippali as it is commonly called in India is a pungent and heating herb which is a bit hotter than the pepper. It leaves a watery feeling in mouth after consumption which is called as teekshana guna. It is Very often used in the preparation of drugs which aid in the treatment of respiratory disorders. The classical preparation of Trikatu contains pippali as one of the three main ingredients, the other two being dry ginger and black pepper. Pippali improves the health and functioning of the bronchial system and fights any kind of inflammations and allergies. 1-2 gms of the powder can be consumed with turmeric and honey or along with hot milk to overcome any conditions pertaining to respiratory infections.

5. Tulsi:

A common herb found everywhere in india is a potent adaptogen which confers homeostasis in the body. It possess antimicrobial activities, anti allergy, anti carcinogenic and yet many more properties. A leaf a day can keep many diseases away as they are very rich in Vit C and zinc. The leaves are eaten directly or juiced to mix with honey. It is used to prepare the kashayam, which is an authentic homemade treatment for fevers, cold and rhinitis since ancient times.

6. Indian Echinacea:

King of bitters as it is commonly called in English is a shrub that grows in Asian countries. It tastes very much bitter many times more than neem. The powdered plant parts have been effectively used in treating any type of fevers and as well as skin afflictions. It is a powerful immune booster that can be safely used even with diabetics as it also helps control blood glucose levels.

7. Liquorice:

The active compound glycyrrhizin in the liquorice is of medicinal importance, as it helps control inflammation effectively. Liquorice has been extensively used in all herbal medicines that are used to treat both Acute and chronic inflammation. Researchers have also proved it to be effective against certain type of cancers like, skin, breast, colorectal and prostate.

8. Shatavari:

A species of Asparagus is also an adaptogenic , meaning that which brings the harmony between the physical and emotional planes of well being. It is a potent herb that helps fight against all women related disorders. It is a great source of phytochemicals which are the principle immune boosters which are also responsible for fighting against oxidative stress.

9. Katuka:

An endangered and potent anti – allergic and anti- anaphylactic herb, Picrorhiza kurroa as it is botanically named. It has been studied and proven to be very effective against viral hepatitis and fevers of unknown origin. An immediate anti- microbial that sets into powerful action from the moment it has been administered.

10. Gokshura :

A weed which nourishes the body by improving the stamina and thus promoting immunity. It is a preventive drug that helps build and tone the muscles of the body.