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Naturopathic Constitutional Medicine

According to the science of Naturopathy, every person’s ultimate nature is both unified and whole. Which means his/ her body is made up of the elements of nature namely the Prithivi (Earth). Akash (sky), Vayu(air). Jal(Water) and Tej (Fire) which respond to external influences. The Dosha or the composition of the body is affected by the influence of these five elements which pervade universally in the internal and external environment.

The Tridoshas ( Vata, Pitta, & Kapha) constitute the human body. Every individual is composed of one or two Doshas that typically decide the individual’s Physical, Mental, Emotional and Disease traits. Any disease or disorder arises when there is an imbalance of the Doshas caused by the five elements of Nature.

The strongest Dosha in a person’s constitution has the highest tendency of increasing and aggravating and therefore that person is susceptible to illness associated with increase of that Dosha. Our dominant trait (Dosha) waits for stress, shock, or fatigue to raise itself and lower the immune system and pulls us down with resulting disease.

Punarva’s belief system: Not symptom based but root cause based!

To only treat the disease disregards the very foundation of Constitutional Naturopathy Medicine that primarily works on the basis of preventive medicine.

Naturopathy treatment is a holistic method in par with the principles of Nature cure. It does not work on symptomatic level, but rather goes to the root cause of a disorder, and the purpose is to bring each individual to his or her natural harmonious self. The treatment methodologies adopted in Naturopathy do not cause any side effects as every other healing agents like Extracts, Oils, and Herbs used are very much derived from our own Natural and wild resources.

Naturopathy – The Naturopathy treatment plan at Punarva include therapies like Hydrotherapy, Massagetherapy / Abhyanga, Udwartanam, Shirodhara, Potli Massage, Oil Pour / Pizhichal, Oil fomentation /pichhu, Steam Bath, Reflexology and yet more.

Naadi Pareeksha

Nadi Pareeksha is an Ancient Nature Cure Technique of pulse examination that enables accurate diagnosis of disease and the excess or depletion of doshas and elements in the body. The Non – invasive science of Nadi Pareeksha helps our Doctor identify the root cause of the presenting disease status beyond just addressing the symptoms. Dr. Amsa Pashupathi is an expert in pulse diagnosis and is well armed with the knowledge acquired from her guru at a very young age of 17 years. This enables her to have a deep understanding of the cause of the disease in the past and the prognosis of the disease along with the complications the patient may encounter in the future.

The Naadi when properly examined reveals the physical, mental, and emotional status of the person along with details of the presenting disease. The qualities and properties of the Naadi or pulse is important in assessing the doshas and the elements that constitute the body. The age–old science of Naturopathy has taught that any disease in the body reflects an imbalance in the doshas and the elements. Thus Naadi pareeksha forms the basis of a treatment protocol planned for a patient.

NOTE: Naadi pareeksha or Pulse examination is to be done in the early morning, preferably after emptying the bowels, and a clean stomach even without drinking water


Medicinal Herbology is the use of Natural Herbs, Medicinal plants, and Herb Extracts to treat an individual’s disease condition. A few hundred years ago, Herbal medicine was the main remedy employed in treating humans as well as animals.

In fact, many modern drugs like Quinine, Codeine ,Morphine and even the most powerful Penicillin is manufactured using plant derivatives. The biologically active compounds present in the herbs play a key role in treating even challenging diseases.

Herbal Medicine or Phyto medicine has been widely accepted and used all over the world. In countries like Canada and certain other European nations, Natural and Herbal Medicine have been prioritized by the governments for treatment and disease control.

Herbal Medicine at Punarva

Dr. Amsa Pashupathi is also a Herbologist, the basic knowledge of which she acquires from her ancestors and Gurus who were Vaidyas. She further mastered her studies in Herbology. So far around 300 species of herbs have been studied by her to elicit their healing properties by appropriating their dosage for various diseases. Her immense understanding and inquisitiveness in herbal medicine made her to formulate assorted food supplements, and customised Diet patterns for individuals presenting with discrete health conditions. Her nutritionally balanced diet comprises an aligned list of herbs that are to be used in the day and night, which are carefully incorporated into the daily food routine without failing to satisfy the palette.

Phyto Medicines are also made available as supplements that can be consumed daily. These come in the form of fresh herbs that can be cooked, Herbal powders for external application and internal usage, Aromatic and Herbal Oils for skin and scalp, Extracts as juices and capsules.


Health and Beauty are two aspects of life that often go hand in hand. An illness depletes the radiance of the external skin and likewise an unhealthy skin makes you look sick and pale. Cosmetology is a scientifically smart way to care for the skin, hair , nails and the body as a whole. The skin is the largest organ of the body that acts as a protective shield and is more vulnerable to the influence of numerous external elements of the environment and internal factors within the body.

A Cosmetologist has a dual role of vividly looking into the cardinal defective features presenting in the skin and body and then precisely correlating them with the underlying disease or disorder. As the famous saying goes,“ Beauty is skin deep”.

The aesthetic prescription to bring out the enhanced beauty and glamour is not confined to streamlining external cosmetic procedures but rather it embraces an array of prescriptions for Nutritional enhancement, Lifestyle Management and Keep–fit regimen.

The Post partum Cosmetic care at Punarva

Years ago, Motherhood was imposed with strict restriction and complete bed rest was mandated. Today, it’s harder to slow down and it’s common to step out for things like doctor’s appointments and registering baby’s birth and for other official commitments as an entrepreneur. However, care must be taken to make sure the mother gets as much rest and personal attention that can help her overcome her post partal disruptions. The mother must make time for herself to care for her body so as to retain the charisma that changes vividly after birthing.

We at Punarva Naturopathy center offer cosmetological therapies for postpartum women, aimed at reviving their appearance and restructuring the contour and shape of their body. After birthing, women tend to gain weight and as a result they develop pigmentation, cellulitis, and even stretch marks. The bearing down effect of the child dislocates the tissue collagen in the abdomen and stretches the skin and the underlying fat causing saggy abdomen and breasts.

The tone of the skin and muscles are lost and everything becomes saggy...baggy... giving the mother an elderly look beyond her age that could make her loose self confidence.

We choose advanced cosmetic interventions and treatments which include programs for Reshaping and contouring the body, Anti-pigmentation therapies, Weight management, Hair fall control, Permanent hair removal, Derma Abrasion, Breast Lifting and Skin toning. The procedure and protocols are devised to such an extent so as to suit the individual’s body type and meet the never ending cosmetic need of women. After all.... “You get a Beautiful skin once in your Lifetime”

Mother Care

Entering motherhood is a transition like no other. The key to adequate post partum health is nurturing the mother physically, mentally and emotionally to regain the tremendous loss of energy after birthing. According to Naturopathy, after the delivery, the digestive fire is diminished and Air element in the body becomes excess. So the care for mother is mainly aimed at correction of these imbalances. The three main pillars that support this process are nutritiously balanced Diet, Healing Herbs and Emollient Oils. Throughout the confinement period of 40plus days, it becomes essential for the mother to adopt the traditional Naturopathy Treatment regimen in order to correct the above imbalances caused by labour. Almost all mothers deal with postpartum blues like change in the physique, uncertainty, fear, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, exhaustion and loneliness caused by the increased dosha or the air element. Severe postpartum blues, also cause irritability, anger and sometimes a feeling of guilt and inadequacy due to the fire element. The mother also has breast feeding issues like blocked ducts, milk blebs and vasospasms that cause pain and need timely management.

Punarva’s- “ Thaai Veedu”

We at Punarva Naturopathy center very well understand the needs of a mother during the post delivery period and help her to recuperate from her physical and emotional trauma through “ Thaai veedu” a concept uniquely formulated by our Doctor, only to meet the needs of the Mothers to reassure their physical, mental, emotional and cosmetological needs. A one stop solution – Punarva’s Thaai veedu is a happening place which helps women transform themselves and feel rejuvenated as much as in their youth in the most convenient and effortless way.

The Multi-speciality care for women comes with A- Z solutions to meet a mother’s special demand after birthing, helps in a quick recovery from the trauma postpartum. The Nutritional, Psychological and cosmetic counselling given by our Doctor supports the mother and effectively replenishes her body’s lost vitality and vigour.